By The Numbers: Marketing and Communications Benchmarking

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By The Numbers 2023

Benchmarking with SHSMD and ENDEAVOR ANALYTICS

Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Data-driven Insights

By The Numbers: MarCom is a benchmarking tool that provides health care organizations with insights into their marketing and communication efforts. This tool analyzes various performance metrics to help organizations better understand their marketing effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. By The Numbers: MarCom can be used to inform future marketing strategies, tactics and budget planning, ultimately helping your organization to achieve its marketing goals.

  • Improved Marketing Effectiveness
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Identifying Areas for Improvement
  • Better Strategic Decision-Making



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Compare MarCom expenditures to industry-wide benchmarks. check-icon check-icon
Aggregated MarCom expenditure, geographic & staffing data. Evaluate marketing & communications performance as compared to industry-wide benchmarks.        check-icon check-icon
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Benchmark with groups of 5 organizations of your choice at a time in practically unlimited ways, e.g., on specific budget elements, organization groups and over time.   check-icon
Interactive dashboard with custom comparisons.   check-icon
Create customizable reports with downloadable graphs ready for use in presentations to stakeholders and colleagues.   check-icon
Opportunity to talk to an expert about your data.   check-icon

Exclusive invitation to subscriber-only events such as user webinars and VIP receptions.

Private, exclusive online community to interact with subscriber peers and share best practices.   check-icon
Continued support. Receive an aggregate report of all completed surveys on an annual basis in the form of a webinar and PowerPoint slide deck.   check-icon

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The following are snapshots of the reports offered to subscribers. Contributors have access to limited views.

The actual dashboard is interactive and customized to your organization.

Gain a Competitive Edge by Benchmarking Your Marketing Spend

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Hear From Health Care MarCom Leaders

Cleveland Clinic

Hear from Peter Miller, Former Administrator of Marketing and Communications at the Cleveland Clinic.

How much should we be budgeting for marketing & communications? What is the right marketing mix?

Hendrick Health System

Hear from Jesiree Driskell, Director of Marketing and Communications at Hendrick Health System as she discusses how the MarCom benchmarking tool shows her where the health care field is going and how she stays in tune with patients' demands.

Mary Washington Healthcare

Lisa Henry, Former Associate Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Mary Washington Healthcare says "it's critical to have a true understanding so that you're not competing or trying to compete against an industry that just doesn't measure up to the same type of skill and support that you need."


“No matter what field you are in, if you don’t set up a baseline, you are setting yourself up for defeat. Using this benchmark surveys allow us to establish a baseline that is more specific to our medical field than most other benchmarking surveys.”

Brian Sterchele

Business Manager of Marketing and Communications, The University of Chicago Medicine 

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