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Prepare for the Future

As a member of SHSMD, you join a network of more than 4,000 health care strategy professionals and your voice will play a vital role in the industry.

And, you'll gain a myriad of benefits — networking opportunities, educational programs, strategic planning tools, industry news and reports, and more! All designed to help you stay on the leading edge of health care.

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Educational programs, insights and a network of peers — SHSMD membership is designed to provide you with the resources and tools you need to prepare for the future.

Think of SHSMD as your partner — providing you with tools to help optimize your knowledge and skills to prepare for the future.

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Greg Hudson
Chief Strategy Officer
St. Luke's Hospital Network


Greg has been an active member of SHSMD for nearly two decades, taking advantage of numerous resources and programs over the years. He's viewed and shared dozens of webinars and also leverages a variety of SHSMD resources, including Futurescan, Bridging Worlds and e-Connect, for insights. "My two editions of Bridging Worlds are falling apart due to the amount of times I reference those documents," said Greg. "Bridging Worlds is truly the roadmap for health care strategists crossing the paradigm of fee-for-service to the new world of value-based care."

Greg also participates in online educational programs and secured credentials in strategic planning and facilitation. He's attended more than ten annual conferences and volunteers for the conference planning committee.

"It's impossible to place a dollar value on my SHSMD membership. Developing my network, having access to thousands of reference materials, participating in webinars and online educational programs and attended the annual conference have greatly benefited my career. I have made a lot of business contacts, but more importantly, friends."

Expand Your Knowledge

Online and offline, SHSMD presents a variety of educational and professional development programs. Online webinars and courses, credential programs and SHSMD Connections Annual Conference help to build your knowledge and skills.

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Deb Scheetz
Service Line Marketing Director
Dayton Children's Hospital


Shortly after Deb Scheetz joined Dayton's Children's Hospital in 2017, she decided it was also a good time to join SHSMD to further expand her skills and knowledge. Deb uses a variety of SHSMD resources but finds the educational programs particularly valuable. She completed the SHSMD U Strategic Planning Health Care Series, deepening her experience and earning the SHSMD credential.

"SHSMD Online Courses are comparable to graduate programs," said Deb. "The format covers a significant amount of content, and the class portal and discussion boards enable a rich, interactive experience."

Deb also values the webinars and annual conference, and she shares the recorded sessions with her team. She uses the MySHSMD Online Member Community to keep up on trends, discuss topics and learn from others. "This past year, I was discussing an issue on MySHSMD with another member, and we were able to connect in person at the annual conference," said Deb. "It made the conference experience even more valuable."

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Stay Informed

Each year, SHSMD produces dozens of publications to provide you with news, key insights and data. Whether it is an informative publication like Bridging Worlds or Futurescan or a regular newsletter like Spectrum, SHSMD provides you with the information you need to stay on top of the industry.

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Jhaymee Wilson Tynan
Director, Strategy
Atrium Health


Working in strategy management and innovation at Atrium Health, Jhaymee Wilson Tynan has leveraged a variety of SHSMD resources since she became a member about four years ago. Futurescan and Bridging Worlds help her gain insight on the future of health care, and she also shares the reports with her management team to aid strategic planning.

"The publications provide a variety of perspectives from inside and outside of health care, and the insights also support us in benchmarking and competitive positioning," Jhaymee explains. "Bridging Worlds is particularly useful for team development, providing a roadmap for how to approach emerging trends and skillsets."

Over the years, Jhaymee has become more involved with SHSMD, presenting at the 2017 annual conference, moderating a SHSMD Online Program, serving as an editor for Spectrum and recently, she was elected to the Board of Directors.

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Stay Connected

The SHSMD community is vast, and tools like the MySHSMD Online Member Community enable you to connect and discuss key topics with your peers across the country at any time, 24/7.

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Jhaymee Wilson Tynan Scheetz
Director, Strategy
Atrium Health


Lynn Bruton and Jesiree Driskell are colleagues at Hendrick Medical Center, a Hospital serving Abilene, Texas and the surrounding rural communities. They each serve as an account manager to designated departments and provide expertise int he areas of public relations and digital marketing. "In our roles, we wear a variety of hats," said Jesiree. "SHSMD helps us stay abreast of trends, share ideas and learn from outside perspectives.

"We're remote, but we don't fee isolated," said Lynn. "We're able to share ideas and learn best practices without travel or paying expensive consultants."

Living in a relatively remote area, Lynn and Jesiree find particular value in the online resources and communities, including MySHSMD. They learn about issues other organizations are facing, secure feedback on new approaches and also learn new skills to stay on top of their game.

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Assess & Advance Your Skills

SHSMD ADVANCETM is a one-of-a-kind assessment tool for health care professionals and teams. Updated annually, the tool can help you identify strengths and skill gaps so you can reach your full potential, while Bridging Worlds and other tools provide a guide for how to move forward.

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Lisa Henry
Directorof Marketing and Corporate Communications
Mary Washington Healthcare


As a member of the SHSMD Board of Directors, Lisa Henry first used SHSMD ADVANCETM as an individual self-assessment. When a version for teams was introduced, she happily volunteered her organization to participate.

"There are several assessment tools in the market," Lisa explained. "But SHSMD ADVANCE is really the only one of its kind for health care strategy professionals."

At Mary Washington, the marketing team used the results of the survey for both self and team reflection. Individuals received personal feedback and managers received an aggregate report. At its annual retreat, the team used the insights to help identify areas to focus.

Lisa's team also uses Bridging Worlds with SHSMD Advance. "The two tools are aligned," she explains. "After we identified our priority areas, we used Bridging Worlds as a guide to help us move forward."

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