Scenario Planning for Hospitals and Health Systems

Scenarios enable planners to harness the power of story-telling to create the big picture view of possible futures. This way, planners can craft a vision for a future organization and unify their entire organization in building the future they want and avoid the outcomes they don’t want to see happen. Connect today’s discoveries to tomorrow’s decisions with this guide to understanding the trends that are shaping tomorrow and turning trends into stories. 

This guide to creating scenarios leads planners through the process of identifying important trends, bringing them together into a coherent picture, and creating the visions of possible futures that will lead organizations to action. Learn how to activate your organization through the power of story-telling about possible futures and guide it through today’s uncertainties.

Free to SHSMD members, this guide walks you through the steps of building scenarios and is full of examples. Equip yourself with the tools you need to build a vision of futures to seek and futures to avoid.


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