SHSMD COVID-19 Conversations Series

This series features SHSMD member stories and resources in an effort to provide insight into how strategists are helping their organizations manage this unprecedented crisis.

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Member Stories:

Released June 15. Learn about Beaumont Health's multi-channel marketing communications campaign to help alleviate patient and community member fears about coming to the hospital during the pandemic for non-COVID-19 health care services.

Featuring: Jennifer Carbary


Released June 5. Learn about how strategic planners at Jefferson health played a key role during the initial crisis phase of the pandemic and are now providing critical insights using analytics, scenarios, forecasting tools to develop a roadmap for recovery and change.

Featuring: Monica Doyle


Released May 27. Jennifer Horton shares the top four insights for strategic marketing during a crisis. Jennifer is a strategic problem-solver with 20 years of experience leading marketing and strategic planning in for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare systems.

Featuring: Jennifer Horton


Released May 27. On this edition of the SHSMD podcast, we look at the COVID-19 response from one health system, two different perspectives as we talk with CEO Greg Feirn and Senior Vice President of Marketing, Christine Albert, both from LCMC Health.

Featuring: Greg Feirn and Christine Albert


Released May 26. This discussion with Justin Bhandari, VP Operations at post-acute care partner organization MPAC Healthcare, covers the ways the MPAC leadership team has adjusted in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Featuring: Julia Brady and Justin Bhandari


Released May 18.  Donna Teach, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio shares the top five tips she has learned in her career.

Featuring: Donna Teach



Released May 15. Learn how Nebraska Medicine became a trusted COVID-19 information source with Frank Lococo, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Nebraska Medicine, the primary hospital network affiliated with the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Featuring: Frank Lococo



Released May 7. Carilion partnered with other local health systems to produce an hour-long special, "Coronavirus: A Community Conversation," that aired simultaneously on 5 TV affiliates and 3 radio stations and streamed online Monday, April 6. Carilion discusses how they joined forces with shared goals of flattening the pandemic curve and assuring the community that our health systems are prepared for what's to come. TV stations collected questions from viewers.

Featuring: Mike Dame

Released April 30. Robbie Schneider oversees social media strategy for Franciscan Health’s 12 hospitals in Indiana and Illinois. She discusses how her team shifted their strategy to manage social media amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featuring: Robbie Schneider





Released April 30. When the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting patients’ willingness to come to the hospital for care, Rachel Lott, Director of Marketing, Development & Community Outreach, worked quickly with her senior leadership team to expand the hospital’s telehealth services and promote them to the community.

Featuring: Rachel Lott


Released April 22. Facilitated by SHSMD members Alan Shoebridge of Salinas Valley Memorial Health Care and Ryan Nagdeman of Rush University System for Health, this webinar reviewed tools for COVID-19 internal messaging, community messaging, media messaging, and ready-to-use messaging, helping communicators deliver important information without reinventing the wheel.

Featuring: Alan Shoebridge and Ryan Nagdeman

Released April 16. In this episode, Christina Kerby, Crisis Communicator, Storyteller and Writer, discusses lessons in crisis communications and her experience aboard the Holland America Westerdam, a cruise ship that was quarantined for over two weeks in Vietnam even though no passenger tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Featuring: Christina Kerby


Released April 16. Learn from a senior strategist and planning executive how to support emergent hospital and health system needs; adjust strategic plans and priorities during this unprecedented time; share best practices and gain insights from planning colleagues in other organizations; lead a strategic planning team through the crisis; and more.

Featuring: Lisa Crockett

Released April 15. Learn how Revere Health is managing internal staff communications and revising their policies. Lexi McCausland discusses the resources she and her team of 3 have created including a cloud-based website, leave of absence policy and other guidelines to help take care of employees while they take care of patients. All resources are available for download.

Featuring: Lexi McCausland

Released April 10. In this COVID-19 Conversation, Jeff Kraut of Northwell Health discusses how his planning team has supported the COVID-19 crisis in New York’s epicenter, from providing critically needed analytics for forecasting models, to providing new places for hospital bed capacity expansion, to being a key link for managing important regulatory responses.

Featuring: Jeff Kraut

Released April 10. A dialogue on resiliency in crisis and ways Rush has both prepared and adapted to operate strongly through the COVID-19 crisis. Learn how Rush was “built for this” and the post 9-11 design took into account potential pandemics; a discussion of key characteristics of leadership exemplified at Rush; and, other leadership values and characteristics embraced at Rush relevant to managing COVID-19.

Featuring: Julia Brady & Ryan Nagdeman

Released April 10. In this interview, Kelly David, Director of Marketing and Business Development, St. Joseph Healthcare, A Member of Covenant Health describes her communications strategy with COVID-19 in Maine. As a one-man-shop, Kelly shares their internal communications strategy as well as a website, graphics and signage that encourage social distancing in the hospital.

Featuring: Kelly David

Released April 3. UNC Health’s Chief Communication and Marketing Officer Lisa Schiller describes how her organization is dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and how the communications and marketing team is managing the systematic and timely release of critical information – including a “News Room” concept – while maintaining key relationships with the community.

Featuring: Lisa Schiller

Released April 3. Spectrum Health’s senior director of strategic marketing Holly Sullivan describes how her organization is preparing for COVID-19 and how the strategic marketers are playing a key role in communicating critical information, partnering with others and transforming processes to meet new demands.

Featuring: Holly Sullivan




Released April 3. Christina with Beebe Healthcare shares how Andrea and the Department of Public Health has allowed her organization and team to communicate a centralized place for the public to go for questions, thus lightening the design burden on them. They also give advice on how smaller organizations can utilize others outside of your team to assist with communication efforts. 

Featuring: Christina Deidesheimer and Andrea Wojcik