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After you have read Bridging Worlds and have completed SHSMD ADVANCE™| Assess, you are ready to participate in SHSMD ADVANCE™| Skill Builder. Through SHSMD ADVANCE™| Skill Builder, you will gain access to a library of resources tailored to the skill ratings of your self-assessment—in all, nearly 500 articles, books, online courses, and tools.

SHSMD handpicked resources for SHSMD ADVANCE™| Skill Builder through a very comprehensive process to ensure they are specifically tailored to helping you improve your skill gaps. Many of these resources are specific to building skills as they relate to healthcare, but some may relate to other industries with expertise in a specific area (such as resources from Pixar on the skill of Storytelling).

HOW CAN I ACCESS SHSMD ADVANCE™| SKILL BUILDER? First, you should complete the self-assessment for healthcare strategists offered through SHSMD ADVANCE™| Assess (free to SHSMD members). If you’ve already completed SHSMD ADVANCE™| Assess, check your e-mail to access your detailed report guiding you SHSMD ADVANCE™| Skill Builder. Here, you will be able to access tailored resources pertaining to your self-assessment skill ratings. It is recommended to review resources relating to your greatest skill gaps, helping you to boost your expertise in that area.
I'VE ALREADY TAKEN ADVANCE™| ASSESS. Contact SHSMD at to have your custom SHSMD ADVANCE™| Skill Builder report resent to you within 48 hours, or view the comprehensive listing of SHSMD ADVANCE™| Skill Builder resources.

Ready to advance your skills to a new level?
Move on from SHSMD ADVANCE™| Skill Builder to SHSMD ADVANCE™| Credentials—intensive work courses offering learning certificates upon successful course completion.

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