Your Brand and Marketing Structure Is Broken: Rebuilding Capabilities for the Modern Health Care World


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Despite the rapid changes happening around us, the structure, systems, processes, and capability at our disposal as brand and marketing leaders has not kept pace. What if you could rebuild the entire marketing capability from the ground up? What if our role and goals were fundamentally transformed to inform and guide our brand experience for all types of stakeholders?

Texas Health Resources has undergone seismic change in its approach to the brand and marketing function and is reaping meaningful, business-changing benefits for the system. From rethinking internal and external partnerships to working across silos to leveraging efficiencies, Texas Health Resources has made organization change to deliver impact across all brand, marketing, and communications activities. Responsive order-takers have become brand-led catalysts for change in support of evolved, forward-thinking experiences that impact business performance. This session will also address how the modern marketing function must be oriented to consumers as opposed to patients, system thinking as opposed to silo thinking, participation as opposed to one-directional storytelling, and engagement as opposed to communications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the potential benefits that could be realized from completely rethinking the role of brand and marketing capabilities within healthcare organizations
  • Experience the realities of making this type of change to culture, people, and process through the perspective of a team that made it happen
  • Understand the key questions that they should ask their organizations/executive teams to determine whether this type of change is right for them and their strategic goals


Paul Szablowski, Senior Vice President, Communications and Image, Texas Health Resources

Justin Wartell, Managing Director, Monigle Associates Inc.

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