Member volunteers are the backbone of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development. Volunteer leadership groups are brought together, each year to provide input and recommendations to SHSMD on specific projects, professional development initiatives, member benefits, services, and issues - per our Society Charter.Leadership Development Pathway

For many SHSMD members, strong leadership skills like collaboration, decision-making, and strategic thinking have never been more important. One way to develop and refine leadership skills is to engage in volunteer leadership with SHSMD. Our leadership development pathway was created to help strategy professionals grow and expand their skills and familiarity with issues critical to all their peers.

Each committee and task force is led by SHSMD members and supported by SHSMD staff and a liaison from the SHSMD Board. View all of volunteer leadership opportunities.

2019 Announcement:

Updates to SHSMD Volunteer Leadership: Committees and Board
SHSMD is guided by many talented and dedicated volunteer leaders. In September 2018, over 200 members volunteered to participate in a wide variety of opportunities. The SHSMD Board is pleased to share a list of those who were asked to lead committees and task forces in 2019 (see below). Members for the committees is currently being finalized.

In November, due to a board member resignation, the Nominating Committee was asked by the SHSMD Board to recommend a new candidate to fill the vacancy in accordance with governance policies. We are excited to report that the SHSMD Board subsequently approved the committee’s recommendation of Dan Miers, chief strategy officer for SPM Marketing & Communications. Dan has been a longtime advocate, content expert and volunteer leader for the society. He went through a comprehensive evaluation by the Nominating Committee in 2018 and was highly recommended for board level engagement.

Click here for a complete list of SHSMD board members for 2019.

With the support of our volunteer leaders, the SHSMD team looks forward to an exciting year of serving you with a broad and constantly updated array of resources, services, experiences and connections. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019!

Diane Weber, RN, MHA

The following SHSMD members will lead the 2019 committees and task forces:

Finance Committee
Chair: Jennifer Wilkerson
Vice-Chair: Rick Ayers

Nominating Committee
Chair: Ben Dillon

Annual Conference Committee
Co-Chair: Dean Browell
Co-Chair: Jahymee Wilson-Tynan

Bridging Worlds/SHSMD ADVANCE Committee
Chair: Lisa Henry
Vice-Chair: Lisa Schiller

Digital Engagement Task Force
Chair: Camille Strickland
Vice-Chair: Dan Dunlop

Education & Editorial Advisory Board
Co-Chair: Alan Shoebridge
Co-Chair: Jeff Steblea

Executive Strategies Task Force
Co-Chair: Shay Pratt
Co-Chair: Dan Miers

Recognition & Scholarships Committee
Chair: Jeff Stofko
Vice-Chair: Laura Pickens

New Member Engagement Task Force
Chair: Terri Flood
Vice-Chair: Keith Whitworth